cpc_logoA Cessna Pilot Center (CPC) is a specially selected flight school that represents top-quality, professional flight training. Each CPC is hand picked by Cessna to ensure that they maintain Cessna’s high standards for flight training.

As a CPC, Indy Flight Training maintains modern training facilities with clean, quiet study areas and classrooms as well as a fleet of modern aircraft with strict maintenance requirements.


Computer-Based Instruction

Cessna has made becoming a pilot more accessible and fun, thanks to top-quality training tools. The Cessna Computer-Based Instruction Program (CBI) is the only integrated flight training program in existence – flight and ground school lessons are designed by education experts to work together for maximum retention. According to Cessna research, these higher retention rates and faster learning may lead to lower course completion times.

You’ll learn everything you need to know – not only to pass your exam, but also to be a knowledgeable, competent pilot. And thanks to CBI’s on-line or CD-ROM format, you’ll do it without ever opening a book or stepping into a classroom. Study wherever you go. At home. At the office. Even while traveling.

You’ll watch presentations by aviation’s top educators, see dramatic, enlightening in-flight footage, take interactive quizzes, learn interesting trivia, and prepare for upcoming lessons before you ever climb into an airplane. You’ll learn quickly and efficiently – while having fun.


Ground Training

Most pilots say ground training is the most challenging part of learning to fly. You’ll study rules, flight planning and navigation, aerodynamics, air traffic control and weather theory and forecasting – all required knowledge to be a safe, competent pilot.

Yes, you’ll be tested on this during your aviation knowledge exam. Yes, there is some math, but you’ll use a calculator and a flight computer. Yes, you’ll study basic physics and meteorology, but you’ll easily master it.


Flight Training

Flying is the fun part. After all, that is why you are doing this.

Over the next few months, you’ll learn an array of skills to make you a safe pilot. First you’ll learn to take-off. Next, you’ll learn to handle the airplane in a variety of situations – turns, climbs, and descents. Then, you’ll master your landings and fly by yourself for the first time.

Soon, you’ll navigate to other airports, both with your instructor (who, by now, will rarely take the controls) and yourself. You’ll fly at night. And you’ll try instrument flying, where you’ll use the cockpit gauges to control the airplane.

Flying will be second nature. A little polishing, a good score on your written exam, and you’re ready for your practical test. Just show the examiner what you know and you’re a pilot.

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